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KING-CAPSULE is a leading brand for vegetarian capsule in China. KING-CAPSULE focus on production of HPMC capsule and pullulan capsule only. The long-term commitment allows us to be able to provide professional solution based on customized demands.

KING-CAPSULE was founded by a group of experienced experts in R&D, production and QC of capsules. In order to maintain quality level, we adopted advanced automatic capsule production lines. The workshop is designed and constructed in strict accordance with the pharmaceutical GMP standard, and with class D cleanliness level.

Most of commonly used capsule sizes are available: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#. Meanwhile, KING-CAPSULE provides a variety of colors for choice. We can also produce according to color number or customer’s sample. Our professional team will be pleased to work with you on your unique solution!


Why Us?


Set your goals high when comparing capsule manufacturers. Choose a reliable supplier who can reply your questions fast, deliver your cargo in time, and control its quality continuously. Choose a company that fully understands your concerns and expectations and will help you grow your business not your concerns!


The competition is tough, but we at KING-CAPSULE will make it easier for you by helping you offer quality-driven products. Backed by GMP-facilities your supplements company has a real good chance at standing out in today’s competitive marketplace. Our experienced team knows what it takes to deliver high quality products on time and at competitive prices so you can launch to market faster than your competition.

KING-CAPSULE factory quality system is certified by GMP/FDA/ISO/USDA organic/BRCGS/HALAL/Kosher. International standard is our standard.


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